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Erdenet city has 90.000 tenants, it's the third most essential city of Mongolia. It's the capital of the territory of Orkhon and it's situated in the Northern piece of the nation, 241 kilometers (149,75 miles) straight from one point to the other from Ulan-Bator. A tarred street on 370 kilometers (229,91 miles) ties the two urban areas. There is no air terminal in Erdenet. 
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Darkhan area was worked in 1961 as a modern focus in the North and Darkhan-Uul territory was built up in 1994. With a populace of 75 000 tenants, Darkhan is the second biggest city of Mongolia The region's domain is found 700 meters above ocean level and 230km from Capital Ulaanbaatar.
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Outlined as an entrancing prologue to the general population and culture of Mongolia, the Classic Mongolian Odyssey incorporates visits to customary itinerant ger camps, investigation of the meadows, and the opportunity to participate in the energy and festivity encompassing Naadam, Mongolia's National Games. 
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The Dugana Khad (Temple Rock) resort was open in 2000 and granted first degree confirmation. The Dugana Khad resort is just a single vacationer camp toward the north close from Ulaanbaatar city. The resort is situated at the correct side of a one of a kind arrangement of the Nature-sanctuary formed immense shake called Dugana , in the pleasant knoll valley of Erdene woodland mountain, which is the finish of Khentii mountains in the domain of Bornuur town, Tuv territory and lifted 1200 m above ocean level. 
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Altai Mountains , Russian Altay, Mongolian Altayn Nuruu, Chinese (Pinyin) Altai Shan, complex mountain arrangement of Central Asia amplifying around 1,200 miles (2,000 km) in a southeast-northwest bearing from the Gobi (Desert) toward the West Siberian Plain, through China, Mongolia, Russia, and Kazakhstan. The rough mountain edges get their name from the Turkic-Mongolian altan , signifying "brilliant. The framework has three principle subdivisions: the Altai appropriate (once in the past called the Soviet Altai) and the Mongolian and Gobi Altai.
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Stepperiders is a stallion trekking organization in Mongolia. We are family-claimed and GREEN ECO CAMP and strategically placed. We offer overnight stallion riding enterprises in the Mongolian wide open. Have you at any point pondered what it may resemble to ride steeds in Mongolia? Have you longed for dashing over the steppe in a land without wall ? Horse riding in Mongolia is the ideal approach to find out about this wonderful nation.

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