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Throat Singing | Khöömii

Bukhu started rehearsing the old craft of Mongolian Overtone Throat Singing and Harmonic Chant at 15 years old, referred to generally as Khöömii (Khuumii or Khoomei) alluding to the different types of hint throat singing. The hints of Khöömii are created by controlling the reverberation of air pushed from the lungs , going past the vocal crease and lips to delivered a song. The tune can be specifically intensified by changing the state of the thunderous pit of the mouth and throat by means of the control of the tongue and encompassing muscles. This specific tuning creates concurrent varieties of pitch from a solitary thunderous vocal recurrence. 

The underlying foundations of Khöömii are saturated with Mongolian culture with causes in Shamanism (Mongolia's national religion) The balanced hints created while singing the base song pass on an ethereal between connectedness with the human soul, nature and roaming convention. Bukhu finds recharged vitality and warmth through his execution and considers throat singing practices as medication.
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