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The Mongolian Ger
With a background marked by over a thousand years, this compact staying made of wood lashed together with calfskin thongs and secured with felt is the home of the Mongolian travelers. Simple to erect and destroy, the ger, its furniture, and the stove inside can be conveyed by only three camels or wagons pulled by yaks. 

The normal ger is little yet sufficiently extensive to give satisfactory living space to a family, is wind safe, and has great ventilation. Gers are built of a latticed wood structure secured with layers of felt and canvas. A cross section casing of restricted birch and willow slats is held together by calfskin strips. The areas are around 2 meters in length and are bound together to shape an extensive roundabout structure. This collapsible cross section is called khana. The normal ger utilizes four to eight khana, with six being the most prominent size. The door jamb is a different unit, similar to the roof shaped from an umbrella-like casing work of slim posts called uni, which are lashed to the khana toward one side and opened into the tonoo, a round casing, at the top. Customarily, the entryway was a felt fold appended to the door jamb, however most migrants now utilize a cut or painted wooden entryway. In the focal point of the tonoo is a little gap which enables smoke to escape and natural air and light to enter. Each ger is warmed by a little metal stove energized with dried fertilizer or wood. 

The passage of the ger dependably confronts south. Once the wooden structure is lashed together, it is secured with layers of felt and canvas. The felt helps the ger hold warm and the canvas over it sheds rain. Ropes made of hair and fleece hold the thick layer of felt set up. Amid the mid year, one layer of felt is utilized, however amid the winter, a few layers are important. Voyagers to Mongolia will have the chance to rest in customary gers while remaining with roaming families or at ger camps. The Mongolian ger has traditions connected to it that are special; please allude to the guide taking after this area to take in more about the Do's and Don'ts inside a ger.
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