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The Mongols had adored to shamanism for a long, even before Genghis Khan's period. The shamanism developed in the seventh century B.C amid Mongolia's Matriarchy. It appears like just female shamans rehearsed the ceremonies amid this period. Numerous present day Mongols consider the shamanism not a religion. The most effortless clarification about shamanism would be that it is a science to speak with the souls of individuals lived a large number of years prior. As a shamanist analyst considers that the spirit that enters the assemblage of picked individual has distinctive levels of energy relying upon how old the spirit is. The souls resurrect to the one chosen from their own particular tribe.

I was truly inquisitive to witness a shaman who lives edges of Ulaanbaatar. I was shocked to experience young woman since I expected an old man. I reviewed once I read an alleged book "Shaman myth, 2010" and discovered that the shaman professionals should be sound and must be with any fallen teeth. I thought about whether the youthful shaman is in a sound condition. The woman shaman looked as though she is in her mid 30s. She asked for us to experience some fortunetelling procedure to ensure we have positive attitude as it were. I needed to withstand to it paying little mind to my suspicion about such things. As they completed with fortunetelling the woman shaman instructed one regarding her subordinates to resurrect her tribe's spirit. This was again a woman. She dispatched bowls with drain keeping in mind the end goal to call her grandma's spirit, who is the whole tribe's named soul. At that point she put on boots with various little chimes made of goat skin and Mongolian national outfit and in addition to the outfit weighs roughly 30 kilograms. The woman shaman required help of two, three individuals to put the shaman equip on these; associate shamans are called "tushee", now and again "tulamash". Their essential duty is to interpret what souls say. Like I heard before the resurrected souls talk in various lingos. As the shaman outfits are to a great degree substantial, the shamans are not ready to move when the souls have not been resurrected. The reason is simply the shamans' bodies don't have a place with themselves when souls are in their bodies. The woman shaman who wore head equip with many plumes and the outfit began requiring the spirit. 

Alternate shamans took after her. The climate which was warm and decent when we arrived all of a sudden wound up noticeably blustery and I got frightened of the Ger giving way. The head shaman, as though she speculated my musings, said that a few souls touch base with wind and rain. The drum sound was getting louder and louder and she shook her body from side to side. At that point the collaborators were taking after her to make sense of where to put the pad. After this I scarcely perceived her body and movements. She looked entirely unexpected. The head shaman asked "dear Grandpa did you have a protected excursion? Alternate shamans welcomed a similar way. I never had faith in marvels, however this time I was wavering firmly. I continued gazing to the substance of a young woman whom I saw before the function attempting to decide whether she is not imagining or playing show. I was really astounded when I heard the young woman talking old man's squeaky voice. When I tuned in to it with center I could perceive that she spoke Buryat Language. Presently I immovably trusted that the woman was not imagining or playing show. The shaman was drinking vodka that colleagues offered and smoking a pipe. The head shaman enlightened the resurrected soul regarding our motivation and a few people went with us had their fortunes told by the old man. I was attempting to comprehend what the old man was saying in regards to as though endeavoring to catch radio waves. 

I couldn't hold up the woman to secure her body once more. I got learning that the spirit was on edge about the way we live while the shamans were attempting to mollify him. The function got over and the old man took off. Content with the opportunity to converse with the woman shaman I asked such a variety of inquiries. She has a conventional life. She was hesitant about tolerating soul to start with as other current individuals do. At last she had no chance yet to concede the spirit as she talked. She said she implored her grandma to talk unmistakably and take off sooner. Because of my question how the spirit attacked her body, she said that the she saw the spirit flying towards her and afterward she doesn't feel anything. She additionally included that the shamans are not really enchantment or seers. They simply utilize their bodies to help individuals. The woman shaman communicated her tension about fake shamans who acknowledge much endowments and cash from her. Be that as it may, she didn't look intoxicated and was holding her youngster as typical. The spirit was said to live in 1600. He happened to come to see her when she was vigorously debilitated. She welcomes the considerable Grandpa's spirit when advised to do as such. Other than that the woman carries on with a typical life. 

This specific shaman tribe includes more than 50 shamans and they perform diverse shaman functions together, for example, loving and offering blessings to the as revering and offering endowments to the mountains and ovoos (heap of rocks). The head shaman revealed to me exceptionally intriguing stories including about his tutoring French shaman. I am not against what individuals talk about shamans. There are various fake shamans who undermine individuals. The souls disdain this wonder and never let us do such things. She said "Mongol shamanism is a superb science about speaking with secret world". I am certain that the fake shamans will vanish as time does and just expert shamans will survive. She additionally said about a few souls who come back to the never-return world after attractive execution of his main goal on the planet. 

There are many books about shaman examine. These books have portrayed that Mongolian shamanism is under renaissance of fourth period. Starting renaissance period, since Kidan Empire diverse religious orders, for example, Nestorian and other capable religions have attacked Mongolian profound world and shamanism had been surrendered. The second time renaissance had begun with Genghis Khan Empire and had kept going up to XVII century or when the Abtai Sain Khan presented Tsongkhapa religion from Tibet. Not long after this, Khalkha Shamanism had decayed. The third time of renaissance spreads period from the center of 1800s up to 1930. At long last, the fourth period begun in 1990 with popularity based upset. 

It is superb that Mongol Shamans speak with secretive world in XXI century. Despite the fact that I haven't possessed the capacity to uncover the Mystery of the world, I am still to a great degree inquisitive to discover more about what is abandoned this entryway of secret. I don't question that the entryway of puzzle exists in Mongolia and you might be the person who wish to find this riddle behind this entryway. I likewise wish to open the entryway one day.

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