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Horse riding adventures in Mongolia

Stepperiders is a stallion trekking organization in Mongolia. We are family-claimed and GREEN ECO CAMP and strategically placed. We offer overnight stallion riding enterprises in the Mongolian wide open. Have you at any point pondered what it may resemble to ride steeds in Mongolia? Have you longed for dashing over the steppe in a land without wall? Horse riding in Mongolia is the ideal approach to find out about this wonderful nation. On horseback you can travel gradually and watch nearly. You will see roaming herders at work, eat Mongolian nourishment, and see probably the most wonderful pristine farmland on the planet. When you have seen Mongolia from the back of a steed, you will truly begin to comprehend what makes this place so unique. Mongolian culture and several times of Mongolian history are firmly connected with the stallion and today Mongolia is one of the last genuine steed societies left on the planet. Stepperiders claims more than 100 stallions and a few yaks. We concentrate on quality, motivated agendas and a well disposed, customized way to deal with all that we do. Little gatherings, incredible settlement, great nourishment, experienced aides and an adaptable approach which enables us to cook for an assortment of requirements, encounters . Additionally you can find out about the many employments of these creatures, including the sustenance items produced using their drain like cheddar, curds, and customary Mongolian airag (aged female horse's drain). Encounter the draining procedure yourself for both steeds and yaks. Take a stab at riding a yak! We are found sufficiently close to the capital city to be advantageous (45 minutes) however sufficiently far with the goal that you are in the wide open, amidst roaming crowding families. We have encountered English-talking guides who can depict the historical backdrop of the spots you're going by and show you about Mongolian culture and traditions. We take into account both amateurs and propelled riders.

About horses

The Mongolian steed goes back around 6000 years. This steed, referred to in Mongolia as the takhi, was found in 1881 by a Russian adventurer named Przewalski, after whom the stallion ended up noticeably known. Before the finish of the 1960s the steed had turned out to be wiped out in the wild, however on account of reproducing stores in Europe it was reintroduced to Mongolia in 1992. There are presently around 150 takhi in Mongolia – you can see them at the Khustai Nuruu Nature Reserve. Mongolian steeds today have changed a little yet at the same time keep up their wild nature. The steeds live in groups, driven by a stallion who directs the steeds to water, safe house and wellbeing. The stallions are tough and adjusted to living out in temperatures that can reach - 45c, and can search for nourishment in any conditions. Where their precursors' manes were short and their jackets of one shading, present day Mongolia stallions' manes now become long, and their hues are differed. Mongolian steed are little – developing to in the vicinity of 13hh and 14hh – yet stocky and solid and awesome for perseverance riding. Most youthful Mongolians – young men specifically – figure out how to ride from an extremely youthful age. They will then help their fathers with the grouping of goats, sheep and steeds. A few youngsters have an opportunity to ride at celebrations called Naadam – the greatest of which is hung on eleventh thirteenth July in Ulaanbaatar – however there are naadams held during the time everywhere throughout the field. Youthful maneuvers between the age of 5 and 12 (young ladies and young men) race steeds over separations running from 15km to 30km. There are 6 classes for the races relying upon the steeds' age, including a classification for 1 year old steeds (daag) and one for stallions (azarag). Horses are for the most part not ridden in Mongolia. Rather they are utilized for reproducing and creating Mongolia's national refreshment airag, which is matured female horse's drain and has a somewhat alcoholic substance. Female horses are drained all through the mid year. The group is gotten in the late evening and the foals are gotten and tied with their heads low so they can't suckle. At that point at regular intervals or so the foals will be permitted a short drink before the female horses are drained. This will bear on until late night when the foals are discharged and come back with the group. The drain from a white horse is accepted to be beneficial for you, and subsequently white female horses are especially prevalent among herders. The Mongolian style of riding is distinctive to that in the West. Mongols convey the reins in one hand and stand up in their short stirrups. The tack is additionally extraordinary. The seat is wooden and has changed minimal over hundreds of years. It has a high handle and cantle which enabled Chinggis Khaan's warriors to shoot with a bow and bolt from any bearing without tumbling from their stallion. A herder ordinarily has a seat 'for best' which he will use at extraordinary events, for example, the Naadam celebration and Tsagaan Sar (lunar new year). This seat will in all likelihood be enhanced with silver and have favor material. Harnesses are normally exceptionally basic and produced using cowhide, yet again at Naadam you will regularly observe steeds brandishing extravagant silver mounted harnesses. Mongolian steed hardware can be acquired from different shops in Ulaanbaatar – maybe the best (and by a long shot the least expensive) place to look is at the focal market (Narantuul Zakh )






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