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Erdenet city

Erdenet city has 90.000 tenants, it's the third most essential city of Mongolia. It's the capital of the territory of Orkhon and it's situated in the Northern piece of the nation, 241 kilometers (149,75 miles) straight from one point to the other from Ulan-Bator. A tarred street on 370 kilometers (229,91 miles) ties the two urban areas. There is no air terminal in Erdenet. 


Erdenet is one of the most youthful urban communities of Mongolia. It was made in 1974 out of a range where imperative copper stores have been found in the 1950's. A railroad that ties Erdenet to the Transmongolian's rail route was initiated in 1977. It's 121 kilometers (75,19 miles) in length. Amidst the 1980's, the greater part the occupants were Russians who filled in as designers or minors. After the fall of socialism in 1990, a large portion of the Russians left Erdenet and today, around 10 % of the populace is Russian. 


In the city, there's the fourth greatest copper plant on the planet. "Erdenet Mining Corporation" is a Russian Mongolian joint wander that spoke to for quite a while the principal wellspring of earnings of the nation. Every year, 22.230.000 tons of mineral are removed, among which 126.700 tons of copper and 1954 tons of molybdenum. In 2010, the wages of the mine spoke to around 13,5 % of the total national output of Mongolia and 7 % of its assessment incomes. Around 8000 people are workers in the mine. It's conceivable to visit the mine, gave that you asked for it numerous months ahead. 

Erdenet is likewise known for its floor coverings texture, situated around 2 kilometers (1,24 mile) from the downtown area, and made in 1981. Every year, it treats around 2000 tons of fleece. Around 1100 people work in the manufacturing plant. It's additionally conceivable to visit it.
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