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Dugana Khad Tourist Resort

The Dugana Khad (Temple Rock) resort was open in 2000 and granted first degree confirmation. The Dugana Khad resort is just a single vacationer camp toward the north close from Ulaanbaatar city. The resort is situated at the correct side of a one of a kind arrangement of the Nature-sanctuary formed immense shake called Dugana, in the pleasant knoll valley of Erdene woodland mountain, which is the finish of Khentii mountains in the domain of Bornuur town, Tuv territory and lifted 1200 m above ocean level. 

The resort is 108 kms from Ulaanbaatar with ability to get 100-120 visitors in 40 gers. Runs gift shop, an eatery built in a gigantic Mongolian ger, and clothing. Our visitors can appreciate 24 hours high temp water shower, electric power and clean rest rooms.

Tours and services, the resort offers:
- Horse and camel riding
- Flower and butterfly collection
- Sheep anklebones games, chess and volleybal 
- Horse cart riding
- Mini Naadam and camp fire
- Mongolian tradional archery
- Exploring a cave and Hunnu cemeteries of Noyon Mountain
- Cliff hanging

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