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There are three noteworthy mountain chains in Mongolia: the Mongolian Altai Mountains, the Khangai Mountains (Khangain [or Hangayn] Nuruu), and the Khentii Mountains ( Khentiin [or Hentiyn] Nuruu). The Mongolian Altai in the west and southwest constitute the most astounding and the longest of these chains. Spreading southeastward from the fundamental Altai extend at the northwestern fringe with Russia, the Mongolian Altai extend southeastward for exactly 250 miles (400 km) along the Chinese outskirt before turning somewhat more eastbound for another 450 miles (725 km) in southwestern Mongolia. The range—the just a single in the nation where contemporary glaciation has created—achieves a height of 14,350 feet (4,374 meters) at Kh├╝iten Peak (Nayramadlyn Orgil) at the western tip of the nation, Mongolia's most noteworthy point. Developing eastbound from the Mongolian Altai are the Gobi Altai Mountains ( Govi Altain Nuruu), a lesser scope of exposed slopes that lose themselves in the territories of the Gobi.
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